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Spaulding Hefner offers $50,000 to get out of Continental lawsuit…

On Tuesday afternoon, The Oklahoman reported that Robert "Spaulding" Hefner the XVIIIth has offered to confess and settle his way out of one of the lawsuits that Harold Hamm and Continental Resources filed against him.

Yep, that's right – little Spaulding is ready to flip!

Here are some details via The Oklahoman:

A prominent Oklahoma City oil and gas executive added earlier this year as one of dozens of defendants in a mineral rights fraud case filed in 2020 by Continental Resources has offered to pay more than $50,000 to settle allegations brought against him and his company in that case, a court filing shows.

On June 17, attorneys representing Robert Hefner V and Hefner Energy LLC filed an offer to confess judgment in the case Continental Resources filed against them as part of the larger case it brought against Blaine M. Dyer and multiple other defendants.

The civil lawsuit accuses Dyer, Hefner and the other defendants of using confidential drilling plans shared by one of the energy company's ex-employees to get rich.

Wait a second. Who at The Oklahoman decided that Spaulding Hefner is a "prominent Oklahoma City oil and gas executive?"

The kid obviously comes from a family of prominent oil and gas executives – and racist politicians – but so far, his only big oil and gas move appears to be getting caught trying to steal from Continental Resources. I guess he does tweet a lot about energy, and even sends editorials to The Oklahoman where he poses as an oil and gas expert, but there's a big difference between pretending to be prominent and actually being prominent. The local media should do a better job at differentiating between the two.

Here's more:

The filing seeking to excuse Hefner and his company from the Dyer suit involves a letter that attorneys representing Hefner and his company wrote to attorney Nicholas Merkley, of GableGotwals, the attorney who filed the Dyer case on behalf of Continental Resources.

It offers the larger company $53,578.64, exclusive of attorneys' fees, costs and pre-judgment interest.

"If accepted, this offer will resolve all of Plaintiff's claims in the (Dyer) lawsuit against Hefner Energy and Robert Hefner V," the letter states. "This offer is made solely for the purpose of attempting to settle, compromise, and resolve this matter without further litigation.

"Hefner Energy and Robert Hefner V affirmatively deny the claims against them (but) nonetheless make this offer to confess judgment because the costs of defending Plaintiff's false claims will exceed the amount offered hereunder."

$53,578.64? Good luck with that, Spaulding!

Harold Hamm is a billionaire who wipes his ass with $100 bills and then flushes them down the toilet, which helps explain why Roto-Rooter named him their customer of the decade. He's filed these lawsuits more out of anger and rage than the financial repercussions. He wants to punish and humiliate and make an example out of those who stole from him so that no one will do it again!

On that note, will $50,000 convince Hamm to lay down the legal arms?

I have no clue. Once again, Spaulding comes from a family of prominent oil and gas executives, and his dad used to work for Continental Resources, so if they do accept a settlement offer, it probably has more to do with local Oil Overlord politics than the money.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to follow this story and provide any updates. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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