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Pro-Life Spiderman Goes Free Solo on Devon Tower…

The Devon Tower has made national news... again.

Just a couple of years after a Budget Glass Cleaning crew swirled around the top of the skyscraper clinging to a bucket for dear life, some weirdo pro-life activist climbed the building to raise money for anti-abortion charities.

The climber's ascent to the top of the tower entertained the world on social media. Bob Mills News 9 had it covered from basically the beginning to the end:

Sadly, I didn't get to participate in the live screening. My daughter's daycare was closed today and her cousins were in town, so I spent most of my morning and afternoon trying to entertain a three, four and six-year-old instead of semi-rooting for a man to slip and fall to his death.

Okay, I say that in a dark, semi-joking type of way. I didn't want the guy to fall, but could we possibly have a less-likable Devon Tower climber?

When I first heard this was happening, I figured the culprit was either an environmentalist, famous climber, or Spaulding Hefner trying to get a closer look at Devon's drilling plans. At the very least, I thought we could have a new Brenton Hager in our midst – a bold and daring fugitive living on the run that we could all get behind.

But no, instead of anything cool like that, we get this:

The dude who looks like Bran Stark turned Oklahoma Christian dorm monitor is Maison Des Champs. He goes by the moniker Pro-life Spiderman and climbs skyscrapers to raise money for the pro-life movement. He was eventually arrested:

Pro-Life Spiderman? What's next – Gun Rights Batman? I know protesting women’s bodily autonomy by choosing to violate someone else’s property rights, and engage in life-threatening activity, is a great hobby, but I think a guy like Spiderman would go about things differently. Can we please have the new woke Disney sue him for copyright infringement?

I guess my main question here – outside of a general "WTF?" – is why'd this weirdo pick Oklahoma and the Devon Tower for this stunt? Was he trying to highlight and promote our state's ultra-strict abortion laws? Hell, Devon's such a conservative company that they probably would have loaned him a helicopter to fly to the top and then presented him with a jumbo-sized million-dollar check as a reward.

Also, this is only like the third most-wild thing that's happened at the Devon Tower. Not only did you have the Budget Glass Cleaning crew acrobatics from 2019, but we also had the Mountain Dew guzzlers who base-jumped from the building while it was being completed back in 2011.

All that being said, I guess we should thank the guy for getting OKC some free earned media. Now that people see how easy it is to climb our tallest building, I'm sure we'll get more anti-abortion influencers to flock here and waste our public resources. Plus, it did deliver a great meme:

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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