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Tulsa Weekend Meteorologist Named Miss Oklahoma…

There's been a new disturbance in the severe weather force.

Over the weekend, Tulsa's News on 6 weather babe Megan Gold – a stereotype-destroying, cap-busting macroburst descending on the weather scene like a rainbow forming on the horizon – took home the Miss Oklahoma crown on Saturday night while competing as Miss Bricktown.

The news was celebrated by her News on 6 boss – Travis "The Mustachio" Myer:

Let's admit the obvious – looks and pageant success matter (a lot) in the Oklahoma TV news business. When you combine that fact, along with the prophecy in the Severe Weather Scrolls about "a golden prophetess, dressed in white, emerging from the Bricktown canal to bring balance to the severe weather force," well, it's safe to say Megan has a golden career ahead of her.

For research purposes, I watched some video from the competition and I think Megan has a good shot at Miss America.

Surprisingly, her talent wasn't interpreting live doppler radar during a PDS tornado outbreak. Instead, she played the Deliverance banjo theme with a flute, which sounds like something satirical I just made up but is actually very true!

Obviously, she chose the Deliverance theme because she's Miss Bricktown and Bricktown is famous for both its banjo museum and the hill folk who live behind Harkins cinema.

Or... maybe not. She played the same thing when she competed as Miss Bethany in 2018...

Here's a clip of Megan rocking the red carpet in an event that's apparently no longer called the evening gown competition...

Here's Megan "On Stage Interview & Social Impact." I think the judges were impressed that Megan not only shops at Walmart, but interacts with the people who work and live there. How charitable!

I think the pageant did away with the swimsuit portion and replaced it with an "active wear" competition because it's more woke, so for that, we'll have to go with the 2018 stuff...

You have to admit – It's kind of funny to see someone competing as Miss Bethany while wearing clothes that would get them suspended from SNU.

Anyway, we'd like to congratulate Megan on this honor and wish her the best of luck in Miss America. We can't wait to watch and document her rise through the local weather ranks for our loyal readers.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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