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OU continues fine tradition of honoring athletes with statues that look nothing like them…

We'd like to give a well-deserved attaboy to the greatest player to lead an OU football team this millennium!

This past weekend, Baker Mayfield had his legacy officially cemented on campus after the University of Oklahoma dedicated his bronze Heisman Park statue that looks nothing like him.

Here are the first pics from social media:

Naturally, the statue – which was apparently inspired by a 1950s comic brook interpretation of Warren Beatty playing Johnny Bravo – was panned by social media critics who were unaware that OU has a long and storied tradition of honoring its athletes with statues that look nothing like them.

For example, Sam Bradford's statue looks more like the famed bog body Tollund Man than the guy who flipped his way to the Heisman trophy – NFL #1 draft pick Sam Bradford:

Additionally, Sooner legend Jason White's statue looks more like The Scream than the Air Comfort Solutions pitchman. I guess that's because the painting mimics the expression Jason makes when he has horrific night visions of Kejuan Jones being wide open for the touchdown against LSU.

Despite this well-known tradition of OU taking extreme artistic license with its giant bronze tributes to the program's football titans, social media critics still complained.

They said the statue looked more like the bad guy from Terminator II: Judgement Day or Dennis from It's Always Sunny than the guy who lead OU to multiple conference championships and a heartbreaking loss to Georgia in the playoff because Lincoln Riley was a soft diva who couldn't field a tough and competent defense.

Okay, so maybe the critics have a point, but once again – OU goes out of its way to make sure their campus statues only slightly resemble their subjects. For example, check out the University's bronze sculpture of former president David Boren.


Kidding. Here's the real one.

If you ask me, the only semi-legit complaint about the Baker Mayfield statue is the pose. Instead of portraying Baker's iconic flag plant at Ohio State – or infamous crotch grab against Kansas – they froze him in bronze while running through the open field, throwing the ole Heisman stiff arm.

I guess I'm fine with that. The statue looks and feels like a modern interpretation of old-school college football, and that's exactly what Baker Mayfield was – an All-American kid who played the modern game with flair and enthusiasm, but with the old-school grit and toughness of college football past.

Anyway, now that Baker has his statue, it means that Kyler Murray is on the statue clock. I can't wait to see what they come up with for that one. I'd suggest just ditching the antiquated bronze statues that don't resemble their subjects for life-sized 3D holograms. It would be cool and modern and the future OU Heisman trophy winners would be impressed by it.

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