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Ogle Madness XIV: Championship Game

The wait is finally over!

After a gripping three weeks of upsets and nailbiters, the Ogle Madness XIV Championship Game is finally here, pitting the tournament's all-time winningest player against one of its most beloved cinderellas...

(1) Emily Sutton vs. (12) Norman Bear

After a trio of close calls against (5) Chuck Hoskin, (6) Reservation Dogs and (7) Emily Virgin, this is the second consecutive year (1) Emily Sutton has made the Ogle Madness Championship Game, and her 5th Final Four. She bowed out to Norman Mayor Breea Clark in last year's final.

Emily faces this year's Cinderalla – (12) Norman Bear – the timid beast who tragically made his way into a Norman neighborhood last spring. Otherwise known as Bear E. Switzer, he knocked out a 1,2,4 & 5-seed as he roared through the West Region, and beat defending champ (1) Breea Clark in a thrilling Final Four matchup.

Vote below...

(1) Emily Sutton 

Last Round: Defeated (7) Emily Virgin 57% (394) to 43% (300)

While flying in a chariot pulled by her magical unicorns Sprinkle and Petrichor, KFOR’s severe weather princess Emily Sutton scans the Oklahoma atmosphere for disturbances, predicts and forecasts the weather, and keeps evil weather spirits at bay.


(12) Norman Bear

Last Round: Defeated (2) Mountain Lions 53% (379) to 47% (330)

Rest in peace, king.

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