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Abby Broyles warns she’s “not done yet…”

After a tumultuous and embarrassing six weeks where she went from aspiring local political candidate to disgraced national punchline, Abby Broyles of local tween slumber party fame finally made things official and announced she is ending her campaign to lose the 5th Congressional District to Stephanie Bice.

She shared the news on Twitter, the same social media platform where she issued a terrifying suicide threat just weeks earlier...

When I saw Abby penned a Medium post, I assumed it would be the standard apology letter. You know, the type where she would admit to her mistakes, take ownership for her actions, and apologize to everyone she hurt and impacted.

Well, that's what I get for assuming!

At times powerful and honest, and at other times catty, superficial and self-centered, the entire post was vintage Abby Broyles.

Just check out the first two paragraphs. She begins by documenting her suicide attempt and ends by calling out the people who may have been upset that a drunk politician caused a shit show at a tween sleepover.

Overall, I kind of liked her post. She basically put on her old KFOR storyteller hat and treated us to a one-sided, defiant tale of a politician hitting rock bottom as the world fell apart around her like the Halls of Moria in Lord of the Rings. She talked about her suicide attempt, upbringing, and struggles with substance abuse and mental illness. It was honest enough and powerful.

Now, did she take responsibility for her actions? No, she kind of did the opposite and tried to brush them off with the same lame, kind of unbelievable excuses.

Could she maybe have been a bit more apologetic? Well, the words "sorry" and "apologize" don't appear in the post one time, so I would assume so.

But you know what, none of that fucking matters.

Just like everyone else, we want Abby to get the treatment and help she needs to get better. And I think writing an honest and open, albeit somewhat flawed, letter like this is a good step in that direction. Hopefully, she fully recovers, makes a comeback, and provides more clickbait fodder for us in the future.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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