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Regular Jim Traber attempts transition to digital media…

11:17 AM EDT on March 22, 2022

With sports talk radio ratings continuing to plummet thanks to social media, podcasts, and all the other instant media distractions available on our handheld mobile computers, there's been a concerted effort by The Sports Animal and Regular Jim Traber to make him more accessible and relevant in the digital media realm.

As you may recall, this isn't the first time Jim's attempted to shape the minds of the digital youth.

Last decade, he tried building a brand on Twitter, but had to flee the platform after apparently being catfished by someone posing as a woman, which upset his wife Julie:

Anyway, I guess Jim learned his lesson and is giving social and digital media a second try.

Over the past year or so, he's started building a following on Instagram, The Sports Animal gave him and Jules a podcast, and he's now attempting to make viral videos by doing things like... well...

Yesterday, the Sports Animal shared a clip on social media of Regular Jim Traber performing a Lincoln Riley diss track to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme. It's called The Malibu Hillbillies. If you feel like wasting a very long two minutes of your life, you can check it out below:

Listen, as a guy who also has to stooge myself out for attention in the social media realm, I don't want to knock Regular Jim Traber too much here. He's just trying to stay semi-relevant before fading out into the digital void like the rest of us.

That being said, is that the best he can do? The Riley to USC stuff is already dated, and the Beverly Hillbillies ended in 1971. Next week, expect him to do a rap about KD going to Golden State to the tune of Good Times.

That being said, I did chuckle a tad when they put the laugh track over Lincoln Riley's quotes and stuff. They probably should have added them to Traber's lyrics, too. Then it may have been funny.

Anyway, it will be interesting to what else Jim Traber throws out there. Maybe we'll get a full extended remix of the Be Happy Friday music, or perhaps a digital 30 for 30-inspired short on the time he chased down a Japanese pitcher.

Also, when will The Sports Animal get Al Eschbach on social media? I think Al only uses the internet to scope out Thai resorts, but I bet he could produce some funny online stuff, too.

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