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Kevin Stitt wows empty seats at CPAC…

10:59 AM EST on March 1, 2022

Over the weekend, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt took a quick little trip to sunny Orlando for some ROR and right-wing pandering at CPAC – the yearly conference where conservatives gather to compare right-wing talking points and go down on each other.

Because he's rich, white and a fringe national ticket candidate, Stitt was given a 10-minute block for a speech at 5pm on Saturday. Maybe it's because nobody knows who he is, or perhaps it's because he speaks with the charisma of a 3rd-grader reading Charlotte's Web aloud in class, but it looks and sounds like there were literally dozens of people in attendance.

Here's the video:

I'm not a big fan of our Governor, but even I felt a bit sorry for him there. The small, smattering of applause from Carly and his small contingent only made it worse!

"But Patrick! There's hardly any lighting in the audience? How do you know nobody was there."

I'm sure the CPAC organizers did that intentionally so both viewers and speakers would be slightly unaware of the lack of people in the audience. For giggles, I took a screenshot of a crowd shot, adjusted the levels and lighting curves in Photoshop, and this is what it looked like in Predator-vision:


Okay, so maybe there were more than just a few dozen people for his speech, but either way, the lack of enthusiasm has to be troubling for Stitt and his national ticket chances.

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