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Oklahoma cops put on cool dog and pony show with recent weed crackdown…

The Oklahoma law enforcement complex is still doing a great job using our tax dollars to fight the unwinnable war on drugs!

Yesterday, over 200 cops and feds from around the state conducted a massive raid of primarily Chinese-owned "black market" marijuana farms.

Although the big crackdown won't really do anything to combat the nuisance of illegal marijuana grow operations in the state, or put a dent in the black market supply, it did give OBN, OMMA, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, and all others in the ruling class an opportunity to use the media to pander to their authoritarian, "tough on crime" supporters, and provide the false impression that they're combatting the illegal drug trade.

Via The Oklahoman:

Oklahoma drug enforcement officers conducted a massive raid of nine marijuana grow operations across the state early Tuesday, targeting criminal organizations that are believed to have transported black market cannabis out of state.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics led the multi-agency operation with more than 200 state, federal and local law enforcement officers executing search warrants and arrest warrants. The raids also targeted three residences in Edmond, Norman and Mustang that are believed to have been involved in illegal shipments.

OBN said this raid is the largest marijuana-related bust in Oklahoma history, a move cracking down on an industry that has exploded in the state since medical cannabis was legalized in 2018.

I know people in the weed business in the state, and if you're not trying to sell some of your product on the black market, you're probably doing it wrong. With the state oversupplied with all types of marijuana products, I'm pretty sure it's the only way local growers can make a decent profit!

Just like with marijuana raids in the past, Oklahoma law enforcement agencies stuck with historical precedent and made sure to target people from specific races and ethnicities. They ignored the hundreds, if not thousands, of Oklahoma-owned and operated grow operations that sell weed on the black market, and made sure to primarily target those pesky Chinese-backed operations.

That being said, they are showing some compassion to the workers:

During a press conference Tuesday, just hours after the 8 a.m. raids began, OBN Director Donnie Anderson said the farm workers would not be targeted for arrest.

"They're workers. They're not criminals. They're not an interest to us in an investigation," Anderson said.

Let's give credit where credit is due. In the old days, the Oklahoma criminal justice system would have been all too eager to lock those people up and further destroy their lives. Now they're letting those people go free so they can hopefully work at a black market operation one county over, and get another future bust up and running! How's that for kindness?

Anyway, until the federal government wakes up and legalizes marijuana, opening it up to interstate commerce and legitimizing the industry as a whole, there's always going to be a massive marijuana black market in this country, and with Oklahoma's cheap land and central location, we'll likely be a central figure in it. I guess that's good news for our cops, as it gives them an easy way to waste taxpayer money and keep on fighting their unwinnable war on drugs.

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