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New OKC ordinance unfairly targets dogs that enjoy cold weather…

10:36 AM EST on February 16, 2022

The dog pictured above is my "Little Lady" Lexi. I adopted her way back in January of 2014, and she's an awesome dog.

As you can see, Lexi is a 55-lb sheltie (or rough collie) mix with a thick double coat of fur that keeps the lint roller industry in business. She and her ancestors were basically bred to not only tolerate, but also enjoy, cold and freezing weather.

Here's a pic of her trying to herd her adopted-brother Simon – a border collie (or aussie) mix – during a recent snowstorm:

When it's not snowing, one of Lexi's favorite things to do on a cold and chilly Oklahoma night is to curl up into a shallow hole, watch after her imaginary flock of sheep, and patiently and comfortably wait for Mr. Possum to walk across the fence line – a relaxing, cozy and instinctual activity that could now get me a $500 fine thanks to a new Oklahoma City Council ordinance.

Yesterday, they passed an ordinance that will allow the city officials to cite and fine residents who leave their pets outside for more than 30 minutes when temperatures drop below 32-degrees:

I understand what the council is doing here.

As the local news frequently reminds us, we have a lot of incompetent and irresponsible morons in this state who hate dogs, treat them like shit, and yet for some reason, still own them. These lowlifes do things like leave short-haired dogs who aren't bred or prepared for cold weather outside all night during frigid temperatures, putting the dog's life and health in jeopardy.

Although I doubt any ordinance is going to stop these uninformed tools from being that way, I'm all for going after these assholes. That being said, can we do it in a way that doesn't target responsible dog owners who have dogs that were bred for cold weather?

I don't leave Lexi or Simon out very long when the weather drops into the low 20s and below, but as this chart shows, 31-degrees – the average low in Oklahoma City in January – is a perfectly fine and safe temperature for them to spend time outside enjoying themselves:

Once again, I appreciate the council's intent to fine cruel morons who treat their pets like shit, and I seriously doubt animal control's going to come after me for leaving Lexi in the backyard for an hour or so when it's 30 degrees, but they need to rework the ordinance so that it targets certain breeds, or basically incorporates the chart above.

Also, while they're at it, they need to pass an ordinance for morons who keep their dogs outside when it's 110 in the summer, or leave them in the car while they go play the slots at a tribal casino?

For what it's worth, one councilmember already regrets her vote, but for more left-wing social justice style reasons:

Anyway, I guess we'll wait and see what or if any other changes happen to this ordinance. In the meantime, love your dogs, take care of them, and I guess if it's below 32 degrees, only keep them outside for only 30 minutes, otherwise you're a law-breaking heathen.

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