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Anti-Trans School Board Bro A Big Fan of Deleted Scene from The Program…

The cool country bro with the weird little knot in his beard who looks like he has wet dreams about oversized tires on a Ford F350 diesel pickup truck is Velma-Alma schoolboard member Andy McGuire. I'm not sure why a guy whose idea of edu-ma-cation is watching old Duck Dynasty episodes on DVD is serving on a school board, but I assume it's to meet biological girls.

Earlier this week, Andy revealed to the world on Tik Tok that not only is he an anti-trans bigot with some strong opinions on the private lives and personal decisions of trans children and their families, but he's also a fan of the 1993 cults sports movie "The Program," especially the famous now-deleted scene where the football players lay down in the middle of the street on a dare. Remember it?

Fun fact – I think The Program was the first R-rated movie I watched in theatres. That scene in particular always stuck with me, as it was at the specific point in life that I realized I wasn't brave and daring enough to play college football. Unfortunately, because of some moronic teenagers in the 1990s, Disney cut the scene from the film and it simply lives on in Internet glory.

Anyway, I guess Andy – when not out muddin' and noodlin' with his ex-step cousin on Little Beaver Creek – also enjoys the scene. Earlier this week, he shared a Tik Tok video under the username "SavageGent77" where he encouraged parents who think it's okay for their children to identify with whatever gender they want to find the busiest street they can find – I think in the Velma-Alma world it's Highway 7 –  and "lay down on the center line and do the world a favor.”

Via The Duncan Banner:

A controversial TikTok video featuring a school board member local to Velma-Alma surfaced in Stephens County within recent days, sparking concern with some parents in the district.

The TikTok, sent to The Banner from a parent within the Velma-Alma district, showed school board member Andy McGuire making comments regarding gender identity and ultimately telling people who believe there are more than two genders to “lay down on the center line” of a busy street and “do the world a favor.”...

“For all you parents out there that think it is okay for a child to decide if they want to be a girl or a boy or whatever other ridiculous a** pronoun you can come up with — there are only two genders,” McGuire said in the video. “Let me repeat — there are only two genders, so in your sick, twisted mind, you’ve got some other thought process going on about girls and boys. Do us all a favor — find the busiest street that you can find, take your a** out, lay down on the center line and do the world a favor.”

I don't agree with what Mr. Savage Gent is saying here, but I can't be too big of a hypocrite. For what it's worth, I think people like him should also do the world a favor, find the busiest street they can find, take their ass out, and lay down on the center line, and when they do, film it on Tik Tok.

The Duncan Banner caught up with Andy and asked him about the video. Here's what he had to say:

“First of all, I am a private citizen/individual and in no way, shape or form do I speak for or on behalf of Velma-Alma Public Schools,” McGuire said. “The things I share on my personal social media accounts are just that … personal. I’m thankful to live in a country where my freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment (SIC).”

I agree with the Truck-Yeah moonshine sippin' local yokel. I'm also thankful to live in a country where freedom of speech is protected, and we can call out behind the times assholes like him. Seriously, he should stick to worrying about his beard knots and meeting chicks on Farmers Only, and leave trans kids and their families alone.

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