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Train conductor saves woman floating on air mattress in Lake Texoma…

This should make for an interesting episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive."

Earlier this week, KXII first reported the harrowing story about an Oklahoma woman who was swept across Lake Texoma on an air mattress for two days during last week's snowstorm and then rescued by train workers.

The story quickly hit the national clickbait news cycle. Let's go to the Washington Examiner for the quick details:

A woman was rescued from a freezing Oklahoma lake after a passing train spotted her last Thursday.

The woman, who said her name was Connie, spent two days floating on an air mattress after using it as a raft to get to another boat when train conductor Cristhian Sosa said the crew spotted her on the rocks next to Lake Texoma, according to CNN.

"She was wet, confused, and had no recollection of time," Sosa told the outlet.

Yep, just like Jeff and Lauren Lowe following an all-night bender in Valley Brooke, she was wet, confused and had no recollection of time. Good to know.

Here's more:

Connie told Sosa that she and her fiance had entered the water to recover items floating away from their boat. Her fiance also got swept away in the waters but made it ashore and had contacted Oklahoma Highway Patrol about his significant other.

She was later treated at a hospital for hypothermia and is expected to survive.

In the olden times of the Internet, when it was still a fun and inappropriate place, we'd be all over this story. We'd do deep dives for background info on Connie and her fiance, try to score pics of the air mattress, and then make fun of them. But thanks to today's woke culture, that's all against the rules. All we can do is offer sorrow and compassion, and remind people they should always have a sober person nearby when experimenting with ayahuasca.

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