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Republican lawmakers want to “research” shrooms…

Here's some ammunition for the square drug prohibitionists who claim marijuana is a gateway drug!

According to KTUL in Tulsa, Republican lawmakers Logan Phillips and Daniel Pae – the two guys pictured above who look like they just chewed a shitload of shrooms – have recently introduced legislation that would allow the state to research psychedelic mushrooms.

It's called the "Why is a pink unicorn on my sofa eating popcorn and laughing at me?" act:

Two Republican-led proposals would open the door to providing a new kind of therapy for things like anxiety, depression, and more.

As more research emerges on the medical and therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms, some lawmakers want to join in on the groundbreaking discoveries.

Representatives Logan Phillips and Daniel Pae are bringing two bills to the house floor.

“Universities will pair off. They will find a grower of psilocybin. They will go to the department of health and then they will do clinical trials and clinical studies of this to see if it’s actually functional," Rep. Phillips said. "In a few years if it does prove to be useful, then the state can look at it in a different light.”

Like most TV news, the KTUL piece was pretty terrible from a journalistic perspective. It didn't list the bill numbers or really break down what they would accomplish.

As I result, I went on quick dive on our shitty state house website and found House Bill 3174. From my quick scan, it will basically let researchers conduct clinical trials using magic mushrooms without fear of going to prison.

I guess that's nice and formal and a good first step everything, but I have tons of friends who use mushrooms and always beg me to them with them, and according to them, magic mushrooms are awesome and should totally be legalized for whatever treatment you want. I should introduce those friends to Phillips and save the state a lot of time and money.

Anyway, I guess we'll stay on top of this and continue to monitor if some sort of shroom legalization happens in Oklahoma. In the meantime, if you want to let me know where to get good shrooms and want to party, send us an email.

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