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Exclusive: Norman Councilman once arrested for forging $10 bills

The secrets from Norman City Councilman Kelly Lynn's past continue to come to light.

Back in January of 2021, we reported that Lynn failed to disclose on campaign paperwork that he once pled guilty to felony drug charges way back in 1997. Lynn's excuse was that he thought the arrest was expunged from his record, and therefore, he didn't have to disclose it.

During that investigation, we noticed that within a few weeks of his drug charge, Lynn was also charged with forgery. We figured the crimes were likely related, but since there was no documentation on OSCN and the forgery charges were eventually dropped, we moved on and, honestly, forgot about it.

Well, until now.

Yesterday afternoon, we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network some court documents and affidavits that provide more details about Lynn's forgery arrest.

On June 9th, 1997, about 20 days before he'd be arrested on drug charges, Lynn went to a gas station in a small Oklahoma town fittingly called Shady Point. While there, he went to the bathroom, cut the corners off some $10 bills, and then stuck them onto the corners of $1-bills. You know, typical methhead stuff. He then went to the cashier and tried to pass off two of the forged $10 bills for a $20. The cashier caught onto the ruse and called the police.

According to an affidavit, Lynn was quickly arrested, strip-searched and thrown into jail on forgery charges. The next day, he asked to speak to his arresting officer and confessed his guilt.

Here's the full affidavit from the arresting officor that we acquired via The Ogle Mole Network. To view it and more information about the case, become a Lost Ogle member / suscriber today:

FWIW, I don't think getting caught doing stupid stuff as an 18-year-old should disqualify you from serving in public office.

I did some pretty stupid shit during my late teens and, frankly, was just lucky to never get caught or arrested. Granted, I wasn't in the Quick-E-Mart bathroom forging $10-bills – my crimes were of the pettier variety like stealing beer from a bar with Jamelle Holieway and/or harboring stolen stereo equipment that my friends would acquire – but either way, I don't think stupid transgressions made 25 years ago when your prefrontal cortex is still developing reveals too much about the person you are today, especially if you've grown, changed and moved on.

That being said, not being honest on election paperwork and trying to hide your past from voters – along with attacking a 66-year-old woman at Louie's and saying racist shit at city council meetings – does probably reveal something about your character, and knocks you down a few notches in my book.

Remember this?

Once again, that's the form Kelly Lynn completed and signed when he ran for City Council. Notice how he checked the box that he never pled guilty to a felony? As the following document shows us, that's very not true.

Yep, In return for Lynn's guilty plea in the now expunged drug arrest (Case# CF-97-315), the kind and forgiving DA agreed to dismiss the fake $10-bill forgery charges against him. No wonder Kelly Lynn is such a strong advocate and supporter of our country's law enforcement complex! Whether he assaults a grandma at a bar or forges money in a bathroom, he doesn't seem to face a lot of consequences for his actions. Must be nice!

Anyway, I guess that concludes this article about the secret transgressions of Norman's least popular City Councilman. If you have any documents about any politicians we should know about, send them our way.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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