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Tulsa Pastor Smears Spit on Brother’s Face…

Michael Todd – an Evangelical influencer from Tulsa who's basically the hip millennial version of Craig Groeschel in the Oklahoma religion clique – took communion to a whole new level this weekend when he spit into his hand multiple times and then smeared it on his brother's face during a Sunday service.

I guess he was trying to make an unhygienic point that faith in God can get nasty or something stupid like that, but in reality, just showed that he's a sick f*ck.

A clip of the scene apparently went viral on Twitter and prompted TMZ to conduct a full-throttle weekend investigation. If you feel like being grossed out, you can check out the clip below. I'd recommend watching with the sound on so you can really hear him hack some loogies as the crowd groans...

Yeah, that's disgusting. If you ask me, the sickest part is that another dude volunteered to let his brother wipe spit on his face. I have two brothers. Even if my head is on fire, they are not allowed to wipe their spit on my face. I could be offered unlimited Braum's in heaven and I'd still say no to that.

That being said...

Although it's tempting to be critical and or grossed out by this, in the Tulsa religious scene, smearing spit over someone's face isn't that big of a deal. In fact, they commonly use the exchange of bodily fluids as a metaphor of sorts:

"But Patrick! He did it during a pandemic!!!"

Yes, the optics of wiping spit on someone's face always looks bad, especially during a global pandemic, but you have to remember that in the Oklahoma Evangelical culture the pandemic doesn't really exist! It's just not a thing they care about.

On that note, Michael Todd is very popular in the Oklahoma religious scene and has 1.8-million followers on Instagram. He was actually chosen by Stitt and Co. to help lead the Pray Away The Pandemic TV Spectacular from March of 2020. Remember that?

First of all, who would have thought that way back in March of 2020 that Stitt's "proactive measures" to fight the virus would include opposing maks mandates, encouraging Oklahoma tourism and fighting to hide Covid data from the public. The answer to that is "everyone."

In fact, it makes you wonder what our state's Covid death toll would be today if they didn't solely rely on prayer to fight the pray away the virus. Knowing how prayer seems to work, something tells me it would be lower.

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