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Let’s Go Crazy: Edmond Co-Op Makes Fruits and Vegetables Politically Volatile!

Way back when I was a small child, I remember running around a roadside farmer’s market in the even smaller town I grew up in. As we loaded up on fruits and such, as we were about to leave, the old man gave me a ripe peach for free and a racist piece of advice against allowing Mexicans on your land.

On the way home, I asked my mother about it, as we were fairly Mexican. She said to just ignore it because he’s an old man and be thankful you got some free fruit. And while, even then, that line of thinking has always disturbed me, to be fair, that peach was pretty damn good.

These days, however, that same hate—whatever hate you got—is alive and well in Oklahoma City and the surrounding suburbs. Some are in the form of seditious flags waving from the back of moderately imposing trucks, while some are vocally done with secret words and phrases, including the one that’s heartily taking the country by storm: Let’s Go Brandon.

As you know, it’s the right-wing’s attempt at biting political humor because, apparently, a comedy show hosted by Mike Huckabee just isn’t enough. Translating to “Fuck Joe Biden” without really cursing—got you on a technicality there, Jesus!—it’s a coded saying that has even made its way to the next generation of those roadside fruit stands, the community co-op.

They’re not just for hippies anymore!

Last week, the Conscious Community Co-op in Edmond had an Operation Dark Winter sell-a-bration that offered 30% off various items, but what really sold this to the lightest of right-leaning customers was that if you use the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon on social media, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a 100 pounds of pure fuckin’ beef. And, while those cow parts weren’t specified, here’s the post anyway:

Yes, friends, you read that correctly. The business running a sunshine and lollipops promotion called "Operation Dark Winter" that, mind you, urges customers to share a coded message for "Fuck the President" to win free beef, just wants to lighten the mood from all the online negativity. It makes you wonder what route they'd go if they just want to bring everyone down a notch.

While the pictures of various sauces, spices, oranges, tomatoes, and radishes are undeniably sexy, it’s a bit sad that the co-op felt the need to express they accept EBT and Snap, a system of free money from the left-leaning government that only freeloaders, communists and illegal aliens take part in to bilk the hard-working taxpaying farmers of this great country.

We sure could use another Trump right now, am I right guys? (And by guys, I’m talking primarily to the owners of Conscious Community Co-Op.)

Regardless, I think this contest is open until sometime today. If you enter and manage to win, please take a picture of yourself next to all that hot beef and send it in. Normally I’d send you a prize as well, but I probably won’t believe that you actually won and will plan a coup for your front-yard to take back this country contest.


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