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Lawmaker creates “Let’s Go Brandon” sign for Christmas Parade…

10:40 AM EST on December 17, 2021

The war on Christmas has taken a curious turn.

According to a report from KTUL in Tulsa, Derplahoman lawmaker Sean Roberts – a right-wing theocratic from Hominy – apparently helped create a "Let's Go Brandon" sign for the town's annual Christmas parade.

He did this because, you know, nothing says Merry Christmas, and honors the birth of Jesus Christ, better than a phrase that's code for Fuck Joe Biden.

Here are some details:

According to a witness, it wasn't some mischievous kids behind the display.

"You witnessed Sean Roberts supervising the painting of that?" News Channel 8 asked Nora Passmore. "Yes in his white truck," she said.

As in State Rep. Sean Roberts, the man at the center of the storm swirling around the old building, and now, according to Ms. Passmore, the 'Let's Go Brandon' sign as well.

"Standing there laughing and carrying on drinking coffee," she said.

As I mentioned when Black Mesa launched their new Let's Gose Brandon beer, that phrase doesn't bother me. I love saying and writing Fuck Trump, and to be honest, don't have a problem with saying (or now writing) "Fuck Joe Biden," so if people who are too shy or scared to say a bad word want to use a cheesy phrase that implies the same meaning, all power to them. Who cares.

That being said, hypocrisy still gets on my nerves a bit, so when a sanctimonious right-wing Evangelical lawmaker who panders to religious folks and spends his holidays whining about an alleged "War on Christmas" then creates a Let's Go Brandon sign for Christmas parade??? Well, fuck Sean Roberts.

Also, to be clear, I don't mind having a little immature fun with Christmas. But if you are going to do that, keep politics out of it. Instead, rip off a famous t-shirt design instead...

See? Not only is that funnier than "Let's Go Brandon," but it's non-partisan, too. Merry Christmas.

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