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Crazy Carol Hefner spotted having dinner with Roger Stone…

10:31 AM EST on December 15, 2021

Not only does misery love company, but it's a fan of extreme alt-right values, too!

Earlier this week, the handsome and honorable former Oklahoma Governor David Walters – the current kingmaker of the Oklahoma Democratic Party – shared this photo of OKC mayoral candidate Crazy Carol Hefner and her husband dining with right-wing sith edgelord Roger Stone – one of the dirtiest, slimiest and probably most fun people to hang out with in American politics – inside Marry Eddy's at the 21C hotel in downtown Oklahoma City.

Here's Walter's tweet:

Hahaha. Get it? "Pardon"me. As in, Roger Stone was pardoned by President Trump? Not only is he handsome and honorable, but who knew Mr. Walters was so incredibly witty! Wocka Wocka!

Anyway, I wonder what they were talking about at dinner? Were they sticking to business and developing a propaganda plan to spread salacious Q-ANON-style rumors about "RINO" OKC mayor David Holt? Were they talking about all the art at 21C they’d like to burn in a bonfire? Or were they simply discussing the best spots to swing after dinner? If so, I hope they ended up at Club Dreamers!

This isn't the first time Roger Stone has sniffed the red dirt of Oklahoma. Embraced by the militant, alt-right wing of the OK GOP, he's been a vocal supporter of US Senate candidate Jezeble Lahmayer, party chair John Bennett, and probably any other alt-right racists who worship him.

In fact, Walters claims Lahmeyer was at the meeting, too.

To be clear, I don't like Roger Stone. I think he's a sociopath and one of the great villains in recent American history. That being said, I do admire his win at all despicable costs approach. I also appreciate how he's willing to mentor other crazed lunatics in the Republican party like Crazy Carol Hefner. It's a great way to learn from one another and build a friendship.

In fact, I wonder if after dinner Carol had Spaulding chauffeur all of them around town so they could admire the work of other right-wing, anti-government militants like Tim McVeigh, and check other historic landmarks around town, like where all the rednecks with Confederate flags greeted President Obama when he made a visit to OKC.

Anyway, I guess if you spot any mayoral candidates having dinner with famous political operatives, or other celebrities, shoot us an email or just tweet it out yourself.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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