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Jackson Lahmeyer is still a nut…

12:32 PM EST on November 19, 2021

Now that Julius Jones's life has been spared, I guess it's time to go back to our regularly scheduled programming of highlighting the stupid and outlandish things that Derplahoman's say and do on the Internet.

You know, Derlahomans like Wackson Jackson Lahmeyer.

One of the alt-right opponents to James Lankford in the GOP Senate primary, Wackson's created a new Facebook Live show that's for some reason not called "The Deranged Thoughts And Views Of An Alt-Right, For-Profit, Political Provacatuer That Moonlights As A Pastor."

Naturally, he uses the program to go on long rants about Kyle Rittinghouse's innocence, and accuse Dr. Fauci of being a mass murderer.

Here's a snippet that Right Wing Watch put together for your Derplahoman viewing enjoyment:

I don't really have strong thoughts or opinions on the Rittenhouse thing. He's obviously guilty of something and should go to jail, but I'm too hungover this morning to really care at the moment.

The same kind of goes for the Fauci statement. I think Fauci should get a medal for leading the country through a pandemic while being challenged and obstructed by alt-right quacks and their GOP enablers every step of the way, but I'm too hungover to refute the moronic hypocrisy from a stooge political candidate. That's what our comments section is for, right?

Anyway, I'm going to go drink some Pedialyte and take a Tylenol. Have a nice weekend.

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