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Stitt hires kid with bowtie to be new Chief Legal Counsel…

10:32 AM EDT on October 20, 2021

It looks like Kevin Stitt has a new person to provide him with bad legal advice!

Just months after Jason Reese stepped down following our report that he was having an affair with a lobbyist, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced he's hired a former judge who wears a bowtie as his new Chief Legal Counsel, helping ensure that type of embarrassing debacle never happens again.

Meet Trevor "Doogie" Pemberton:

I know some people really like them, but I'm not a big fan of bowties. Sure, they're okay to wear to weddings, awards shows or if you joined a barbershop quartet, but's that's about it. They're basically a form of mild rebellion for boring people –  the square equivalent of a sorority girl coming home for fall break with a belly button ring. They're also a gateway fashion item. First, you start with the bowtie, then before you know it, you're wearing suspenders and pinning a flower to your lapel that shoots water.

Regardless of your thoughts on bowties, I think we can all agree judges shouldn't wear them. You should treat a judge with respect in their courtroom, and that's just too hard to do when they're dressed up like Pee-Wee Herman.

Before joining Stitt's legal team, Pemberton did serve as a judge on the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeal, a position he naturally got via an appointment through Stitt. Here's what Stitt had to say about it:

"Trevor’s character and legal expertise are unmatched, and his willingness to leave what is essentially a lifetime appointment showcases his commitment to serving Oklahomans in this new role,” said Gov. Stitt. “I have every confidence in his ability to succeed and look forward to welcoming him to the team."

Yep, nothing showcases your commitment to serving Oklahomans more than leaving a lifetime appointment with the Court of Appeals. Even by Stitt standards, that's some fun logic to try and wrap your brain around. Then again, a lifetime appointment for Pemberton would probably run another what? 70 years? So I guess you can't blame him for looking at other opportunities.

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