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Report: Jackson Lahmeyer is the Spirit of Jezebel

8:53 AM EDT on September 10, 2021

The other day, I stumbled across some left-wing video bait of Jackson Lahmeyer preaching to his wary church followers about Black Lives Matter.

He claimed the organization is operated by "the spirit of Jezebel," and it was founded by some badass "witchcraft-practicing lesbians?"

Because I like hearing crazy unhinged judgmental hypocrites speak, I clicked play:

"The Spirit of Jezebel" and "black witchcraft-practicing lesbians?" Why does that sound like two things Lahmeyer would google in the incognito browser late at night? Maybe that's why he's so terrified of them! His sick fantasies are coming to life!

Anyway, you have to admit it's kind of funny that Lahmeyer is warning about a manipulative Christian spirit while he – a guy who preaches to his follower's false claims that Trump won the election –attempts to manipulate his followers with lies, half-truths and blatantly false information. It kind of makes you wonder who the real Jezebel is in this situation?

In fact, I say we make that his new nickname – Jezebel Lahmeyer. I give James Lankford permission to use it on a future t-shirt. 

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