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Patrick’s Friday News Round-Up (5)

1:09 PM EDT on September 10, 2021

This week's Friday News Round-Up is going to be pretty quick, as I'm under weather with yet another diverticulitis flare-up. This is the third one this year and I may need surgery soon to fix it. Getting old is fun!

To the round up!

OKC Marathon cuts off reporter after they befuddle Stitt with a real question

Just look at the reaction on this dude's face when a reporter goes off-script:

I honestly can't believe they just cut the reporter off. Could Bubba Stitt not just say "That's a great question, but we're just talking about the marathon today. Email my office for them to send a warped, propagandist message instead?"

In all fairness to the Governor, he probably figured the whole thing was one big gimmicky photo opp to show off his guns, so he wasn't prepped to answer real questions:


Stephanie Bice pretended to be an Amazon worker for a photo


Johnmarkwayne Mullin denies he went full "Cowboy" on a covert rescue mission

As we know, Johnmarkwayne is a humble, reserved guy, so he's obviously downplaying his involvement in this daring rescue mission. I can't wait to see the made-for-TV movie about it starring James Woods in a couple of years.


Original "Roklahoma" Represents

Although Limp Bizkit bailed, Rocklahoma took place this past weekend without a hitch. On a related note, I found this Tweet of a news article from a very early, primitive form of the festival.

Were any of our older readers at the show? Better yet, is there anyone out there who went to both old Roclahoma and the new Rocklahoma? If so, leave a comment and tell us which one was better.


Guthrie Student participates in "National Bring Your Old Grenade to School Day."

Well, at least the kid didn't pull a Wayne Coyne and shut down the airport.


Anyway, I told you this would be a quick one. Have a nice weekend. Hopefully, I'll see you next week.

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