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Psycho Paul Tay arrested for rape, kidnapping and assault…

Another psychotic aspiring Tulsa-area politician is off the streets and behind bars.

Earlier today, word came out that Paul Tay – the disturbed Oklahoma political provocateur who runs for office every couple of years, represents the "Free State of Sequoia," and goes to political events with a gigantic dildo strapped to his head – was arrested by Tulsa police on charges of rape, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

Here are details via The Tulsa World:

A woman told Tulsa Police she responded to Tay's Craigslist ad for a campaign team job on Sunday; the ad reportedly stated Tay was offering the job with pay, as well as a place to stay.

According to an arrest report, Tay picked up the woman in Bethany with her understanding they were traveling to Oklahoma City. When Tay began driving toward Tulsa, she reportedly tried to exit the vehicle but said Tay restrained her and struck her with a pipe.

The alleged victim said once they arrived at a residence in Tulsa she believed to be Tay's, he sexually assaulted her multiple times. She told officers she was able to escape the following day when Tay took her to a midtown Walmart, where a store employee called 911 for her. Tay was arrested in the store's parking lot.

First of all, our condolences go out to the victim. Paul Tay has a history of threatening, harassing and stalking people, and probably should be committed, but since we live in the freest country on earth, he sadly wasn't.

Paul Tay first made the TLO radar back in 2016 when he crashed a televised Tulsa mayoral debate while suspiciously armed with duct tape. He was upset that crazy fringe candidates like him who shouldn't be taken seriously weren't invited to participate...

After our article about the ordeal, we made Tay's radar and email list, and he would routinely spam us with his bizarre legal filings, incoherent rants, and press releases about his next run for office.

Although the sanctimonious Tulsa-area journalism clique would laugh him off, it was pretty obvious the guy had multiple screws loose. Since the pandemic, his madness seemed to become even more intense and aggressive.

In fact, just a couple of months ago, I finally blocked him on Twitter after he started responding to all of our tweets with this image:

I don't have a problem with people sharing campaign fundraising photos of themselves with dildos strapped to their heads on social media, but whether they're crazy or not, I'm not going to let them ride our social media coattails to promote it. That's what ads are for!

Paul didn't appreciate the blockage...

For what it's worth, I don't think the other "honky dickbites" blocked him. They just probably giggled about it and DMed each other Office reaction gifs instead.

Tay also tweeted this. I edited it so we're not banned by Google:

After that, and an email where he suggested I go "OD on something," I didn't hear a lot from Paul Tay. The last I saw him he was being dragged out of Stitt's disastrous McGirt forum, kicking and screaming, behind a small patter of cheers, jeers and applause.

After the news of his arrest broke, I checked Tay's Twitter to see what he's been up to and found these disturbing NSFW images. They were shared last week, a few days before the alleged kidnapping.

Maybe I've watched too much Law and Order over the years, but the gumshoes in the Tulsa Police Department may want to do some digging to see if there are any other Paul Tay victims out there. I'm worried there may be.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to follow this sad disturbing saga. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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