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Peyton Yager has left KFOR Channel 4…

We have some sad news to report, Moles.

Late last week, KFOR news starlet Peyton Yager – one of the metro's top TV news reporters – announced she is fleeing Oklahoma to follow a "new journey" in her home state of Texas.

Here's her social media post about the news. She makes sure to go through all the right bases and thank her TV news family, fellow journalists, and most importantly, the maniacal deviants known as KFOR viewers.

I don't know any of the details about Peyton's departure, or what TV market or field her new "journey" will take her to, but this stinks. Peyton had a knack for reporting, and in her two years on the scene, delivered some of the most lovable, clickable and memorable stories that Oklahoma had to offer.

For example, if it wasn't for Peyton's dogged reporting, we may have never known about the Enid woman who was shot in the leg by a dog, or her sister down the road who had to poop during a traffic stop...

Those stories are nice and everything, but Peyton's crown opus in local news reporting came when she filed this Emmy-caliber report about a rural Oklahoma love triangle gone wrong. Remember that one? It started after a man was asked to do some chores in the double-wide and...

Anyway, we wish Peyton the best of luck in her future endeavors and hope she remembers the little people on her way to the top. Boomer Sooner.

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