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Ogle Madness: Northeast Region, Lower Bracket

It's time to move along to the next part of Ogle Madness XIII. We've got a pretty competitive bracket on this one, it will be interesting to see how it shakes out. Two Mikes going head to head!

If you haven't voted in this morning's brackets, there's still time to click em out.

Here's your competitors:

(6) Mike Morgan vs (11) Mike Gundy
(3) Reba McEntire vs (14) Kong's Tavern
(7) Sarah Stitt vs (10) Barbie Doll
(2) Joleen Chaney vs (15) OKC Boulevard

Game 1

(6) Mike Morgan

Who: News 4's top meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Snazzy ties. Promotion.

Biggest Weakness: Freaking everybody out with exaggerated weather advice.


(11) Mike Gundy

Who: Right-wing Head Football Coach for OSU

Biggest Strength: Fuckin sweet mullet. As a mullet aficionado, I will give credit where credit's due.

Biggest Weakness: He's a weirdo OAN supporter and virtually incapable of beating OU.



Game 2


(3) Reba McEntire

Who: Oklahoma's reigning country music queen

Biggest Strength: Outside of her music, she was in motherfucking TREMORS and had a sitcom for four years.

Biggest Weakness: She had to play Colonel Sanders in a KFC commercial.


(14) Kong's Tavern

Who: A party bar in Midtown

Biggest Strength: Getting people out for Cinco De Mayo during a Pandemic.

Biggest Weakness: Coronavirus isn't the worst thing you can catch there.



Game 3

(7) Sarah Stitt

Who: The Maskless First Lady of Oklahoma, wife to Governor Stitt

Biggest Strength: The patience to put up with a man whose head looks like it contains a dozen large sponges.

Biggest Weakness: Driving large sport utility vehicles safely.


(10) Barbie Doll

Who: Oklahoma Rapper

Biggest Strength: Getting tens of thousands of views on YouTube of her videos without even having a record deal

Biggest Weakness: Rapping



Game 4

(2) Joleen Chaney

Who: One of KFOR's longtime lead anchors, and an Ogle Madness legend

Biggest Strength: One of the biggest bosses in Oklahoma newscasting

Biggest Weakness: Watermelon seeds



(15) OKC Boulevard

Who: The boondoggle new expressway in Downtown OKC

Biggest Strength: Provided motorists with real-life opportunity to drive down major road without traffic lights or signage.

Biggest Weakness: Ice.



Vote for your favorites, and we'll be back tomorrow with the Southeast brackets!

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