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5 reasons to become a TLO Member for “Day of Giving”

10:41 AM EST on December 1, 2020

According to my social media feeds, today is apparently Giving Tuesday – that one day per year where people give to causes, charities, and hopefully obscure local social "blogs" in an effort to feel good about themselves.

Even though The Lost Ogle is not a charity or non-profit in a technical sense, it sure does feels like we operate as one. This is because...

A) We lost 95% of our bar trivia and bingo revenue when the pandemic started back in March and have no clue when or if it will come back. This line of our business accounted for more than half of our total revenue, so I'll let you do the math on that.

B) We're not backed by rich, power-hungry oligarchs in the Oklahoma ruling class, and their charitable foundations or institutions, so we have less money to work with than all those other non-profit media outlets that beg you for donations each month.

Anyway, if you're in the giving mood today, we'd love it if you'd become a Lost Ogle Member. Here are five reasons why you should.


1. You hate Oklahoma!

According to beefcake weathermen, local politicians and pretentious attornies who look like a hipster Dracula, The Lost Ogle is bad for Oklahoma. If that's indeed the case, show these people how much you hate that state by keeping their least favorite media outlet alive and afloat!


2. We'll give you a TLO pin!

If you enroll on a $9.99 a month membership, we'll spend $5 to mail you this collectible TLO enamel pin. As News 9 traffic reporter Kelsey Kernstine proves, it's the coolest and hottest thing to pin to your wardrobe, especially if you're a blogger with photoshop skills!


3. We give a share of our membership revenue directly to our contributors!

Do Louis Fowler's voluble food reviews leave your loins moist and melty like a soft splat of salted butter on a flakey biscuit? Do you cry along to Hayley's odes to the Blessed Holy Mother of Reba? Has Lucas's rants and raves encouraged you to become a bonafide soi boy? If so, become a member so they can make more money each month!


4. Perks and Privileges

Right now, all TLO Members get access to all archived content published from 2007 - 2018. Once the dust settles on the pandemic, we plan on launching more perks and privileges for our members.


5. You can own a portion of my soul!

For people who sign up for our premiere Oil Overlord Membership package, I will literally mail them a certificate acknowledging ownership of a small portion of my soul. Wouldn't that make a great Christmas gift? Plus, based on how much I weigh, it's a great value! We also have freebies for people who sign up for smaller packages.


Well, there are five glorious reasons. Enroll below, or if you want to make a one-time donation, do so here.

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