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OG&E apologizes for sending stupid alert about power restoration…

Just like the 100,000 or so other people across the OKC metro who have been without electric power at their residence since last Tuesday morning, I've been on the receiving end of a barrage of vague, repetitive and totally useless emails and text messages from OG&E letting me know the power outage in my area was being "assessed."

Here's one of the 16 emails that I received from last Tuesday through Saturday:

Although I first appreciated OG&E's half-assed effort to keep me informed of the situation, the notifications got old for me and, oh, the hundreds of thousands of other people without power across the metro. This is because when they first popped up in your inbox, the notifications would get your hopes up that either:

A) Power was restored, or

B) OG&E had an ETA on when power would be restored.

OG&E must have picked up on that universal frustration, so being the incompetent, poorly run monopoly they are, they decided to send the thousands and thousands and thousands of irritable people who had already been without electricity for nearly a week a more specific update:

Yep, they promised to "quickly" get my power restored by this Friday night at 11pm. How sweet!

When I first got the email, I naturally and instinctively felt that OG&E executives were finally getting their revenge for my years of criticism about the company, so I fired off this tweet:

Only after I hit the submit button did I learn that the geniuses at OG&E sent the same stupid notification to everyone in the metro who didn't have power – and some of those who did – leading to riot-level outrage on social media.

Realizing their gaffe, OG&E's social media bandit quickly fired off the following apology:

I know OG&E's a monopoly and can basically do and say whatever they want without fear of losing customers, but maybe it's time to rethink their automated messages when the only thing they do is confuse and frustrate customers. They're about as dumb and worthless as the idiots who don't know what to do when the traffic lights go out at an intersection.

Anyway, I would write more about this but my laptop is at 10% and I better hit publish before it dies. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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