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Mark and Patricia McCloskey, glorified by right, are coming to OKC!

Here's a cool local event for the heavily-armed "Get Off My Lawn" crowd.

We have learned that Mark and Patricia McCloskey – the nutjob attorneys from St. Louis who famously pointed firearms at protestors for marching by their gaudy mansion – are speaking at an OK GOP hosted event this Friday.

Dubbed "Mark and Patricia McCloskey, persecuted by the left, are coming to OKC!," it gives local conservative, law-and-order types the opportunity to hear the very reliable, totally unbiased and 100% true story of what happened the night these Gran Tarino wannabes valiantly pointed their fancy weapons at a crowd of protestors who walked by their house.

Naturally, the event/rally is being held at a church, because that's always the best venue to preach fabricated stories to the choir.

Here are the details via Event Brite:

The McCloskeys stood up to the mob, swallowed their fear, and defended their private property against an angry mob of hundreds. Their story is one of sheer courage that few people today possess. They were willing to give their lives for our most important right: The right to own and defend our private property. The left, the media, and the justice system in St Louis are persecuting and prosecuting them for their valor. Every American needs to hear their riveting and terrifying ordeal.

First of all, when did the right to own and defend our private property become our "most important right?" I know I'm not a white, wealthy, land and slave-owning founding father, but that seems extreme.

Also, to be clear, I don't think anyone is persecuting these Gran Tarino wannabes for their "valor." Right or wrong and regardless of intent, it does take some courage to stand on the front porch of your mansion and cowardly dangle weapons at a crowd of peaceful protestors while the world watches.

The event will feature a whos-who of local Republicans running for public office. They include:

Tommie Johnson III, the GOP candidate for Sheriff of Oklahoma County,

Brian Maughan Co Commissioner District 2

David Hooten County Clerk

Rick Warren County Court Clerk

Tentatively, an appearance by US Congressional Candidate Stephanie Bice.

Yep, Stephanie Bice is "tentative." It probably depends on whether or not her husband finishes putting cream cheese on her morning bagel.

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