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Dude makes cool hand-drawn maze of Oklahoma…

There's a lot of topical and relevant content for us to cover at the moment, so I thought I'd do the opposite and tell you about this maze some Instagram artist shared on the Oklahoma Reddit page:

That's pretty badass. When I was a teen suffering from undiagnosed ADHD, I would draw some pretty wicked mazes in my notebook while other kids at school tried to learn math, but nothing that intensive! Seriously, that's some high-level maze art that makes me want to get high and watch Labyrinth! He should have taken things to the next level and put a Minotaur in the middle that looks like Kevin Stitt. Better yet, we could just pay the guy to make a maze of Kevin Stitt! I pray for the poor soul who gets lost in the eye-brows.

Not to be outdone, some junior cartographer on Reddit tried to one-up the maze person with this hand-drawn Oklahoma road map.

That's okay. I prefer my hand-drawn maps to look more like those ancient seafaring maps that have little drawings of serpents swimming in the ocean while an angry cloud blows the sail of some pirate ship, and less like someone hand-traced their grandparents old Rand McNally atlas, but whatever – I'll follow the standard my dad set as a high school art teacher and give the project an A.

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