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Oklahoma Students Wow Town With Trump-Themed Homecoming Float!

3:53 PM EDT on September 23, 2020

Over the past week, the town of Kiefer – a tiny little hamlet located on the outskirts of Tulsa's outskirts – has found itself embroiled in some controversy after the local high school's Junior class created a Trump-themed float for the school's Sept 18th homecoming matchup against the Keys Cougars.

Here are some pics that have been going around on social media. Because they are high school students, I blurred their faces:

Okay, is a high school homecoming float the right place to campaign for a president? Probably not, but let's be fair – That's not very offensive. It's not like they made a paper mache sculpture of Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden tied-up back-to-back while sitting in a giant black cauldron hanging over a pile of burning facemasks. They just went Class of 2016 and mocked Hillary. Basically, it's just your typical dated Trump trolling. No big deal.

The float finished second place in voting:


Yep, "Keifer Exotic" took home the top prize! I bet the Juniors and Seniors feel silly for not jumping on that craze! For example, instead of "Trump the Cougars," the Juniors could have had the class president wear a Joe Exotic costume and sit in a cage with stuffed animals, and then have all the other students dress up like Coronavirus molecules and dance around him to "Infect The Cougars!" That would have surely got them first place over the Sophomores, and also made our story about the float more clickable. It's a shame they didn't do it.

Like most things Trump-related, "Trump The Cougars" caused a bit of controversy and some people complained to the school. According to the Ogle Mole Network, the school's principal shared the following apology on social media, but then "took it down."

According to an Ogle Mole, outrage over the float, and the subsequent outrage over the outrage over the float, have been stirring in online Facebook pages, groups and other echo chambers. People are threatening to go to school board meetings to complain, and people are threatening to go to school board meetings to complain that people are complaining. Hopefully, before all that happens, cooler heads prevail, and they all remember this stir up is over a stupid high school homecoming float that doesn't matter.

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