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Maggie Carlo is leaving Channel 5… again

Back in 2017, Maggie Carlo returned to Oklahoma City from Chicago after a nearly 10-year hiatus to head the Channel 5 morning show.

Now, after three years brightening Oklahomans mornings, she's leaving them behind like a traffic report.

Here are the details via a lengthy Instagram post:

Oklahoma, you welcomed me and my family back in 2017. Thank you. Some of you know I worked here before from 2005-2008 in the evenings with Jessica.

These last three years have been some of my proudest as a journalist. We highlighted the work of ’The Oklahoma Innocence Project’ and told the stories of six Oklahomans who spent a combined 121 years behind bars for crimes they did not commit in ’Chronicle: Oklahoma’s Innocent.’ We interviewed countless local leaders & lawmakers during the 9am show...and during the pandemic we pressed for answers on the shutdown, unemployment, reopening, plans for schools, health & safety protocols, and when answers didn’t add up we kept digging.

In our Community segment we highlighted Oklahomans changing the state for the better. We’ve talked with people working on big projects, side hustles, and small acts of kindness. You've made me cry happy tears and you've made me a better person.

Uhm, if Oklahoma made her "cry happy tears" and turned her into "a better person," you'd kind of think she like to stick around for a bit. I have heard Abigail Ogle has been demanding tributes from other anchors, so maybe that has something to do with it:

Some of you know we get up at 2am on the morning shift. When I started in 2017, I put Iz & Viv to bed and then put myself to bed. But our girls are getting older and they need me later in the evenings. I want to be able to stay up as late as they need me and be there when they wake up....

Oklahoma, thank you for your love and care these last three years. You’ve shown our family so much kindness. We love you.

Tuesday is my last day on air. What's next for me? Immediate plans, Wednesday...sleeping in and making breakfast for my family.

Please stay in touch! Like/follow this new Facebook page ‘Maggie Carlo Official.’ My other page will be deleted tomorrow, my last day on air.

Thank you, Oklahoma! I’m going to miss you! So much love and gratitude to you.


That stinks! Although I don't think I've watched one second of the KOCO morning show in the last three years outside of the Alex Housden debacle, I'm sure Maggie did an excellent job and will be missed. We wish her the best, and unlike the last time she quit, hopefully she'll send us – and not Aaron Tuttle – an invite to her going away party.

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