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coronavirus in oklahoma

Oklahoma is no longer the best state at not testing for Coronavirus…

Over the past couple of days, there have been a lot of graphics floating around on social media casually pointing out that Oklahoma is the best state in the country at not testing its residents for Coronavirus. For example:

Yep, just like we do with teen pregnancy, incarceration and home foundation problems, Oklahoma leads the way like David Stanley, when it comes to not testing for Coronavirus!

Or do we?

According to The Frontier and other media reports, the graphics didn't account for the over 6,000 negative results that came from private testing labs. For some reason – probably because Oklahoma is a weird state that's always enjoyed embarrassing itself on the national level – the health department wasn't including those results when submitting testing totals to the media. Imagine that!!!

Well, now they are, and we're skyrocketing up the testing list:

Yeah, this KOCO Dylan needs to get his act together. We do not include "territories + DC" when it comes to lists like this, because 1) Murica and 2) It can affect our OK Top 10 ranking. Also, do the updated numbers take into account all the tests we wasted on the Utah Jazz?

Anyway, I guess it's comforting to know that Oklahoma is no longer the worst state in the country at testing for Coronavirus, and instead in the more familiar 44 - 47 range. You're doing fine, Oklahoma.

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