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coronavirus in oklahoma

7 Essential Items You Can Still Get At Hobby Lobby

Over the past week or so, Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby has taken a national PR beating over the Green family's mission to value money and profits over the health and safety of employees and customers, and defiantly refuse to close stores across the country in the wake of the Coronavirus.

In Wisconsin, police had to actually shut down some stores, while in Colorado, the Attorney General had to order stores closed.

Via Hobby Lobby:

The Colorado Attorney General's office sent a letter to Hobby Lobby's CEO, ordering the craft supplies company to shutter stores immediately after it continued operating despite being named a nonessential business during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

"For the avoidance of doubt, and as you have been previously notified, Hobby Lobby is not a 'critical business,'" the letter from attorney general Phil Weiser's office, obtained by ABC News, stated. "You are directed to immediately close all Hobby Lobby locations within the State of Colorado."

The letter added that the state's executive order mandating nonessential businesses shutter amid the COVID-19 outbreak will be enforced.

That's nice! I wish our elected-official were as committed to stopping the spread of Coronavirus as they are in other states. Here in Oklahoma, I think Governor Kevin Stitt ordered that Hobby Lobby actually extend their hours so the first lady can get more ornaments for their cross wall.

In all seriousness, I think Hobby Lobby can actually make a reasonable case that many of the items they sell in the store are "essential."  For example, check out these seven items I found on the Hobby Lobby website. Grab one at Hobby Lobby store today!


Easter Decorations

Although it looks like Easter 2020 is going to be closed, nothing gets you in the mood to celebrate the resurrection of God's favorite son more than chocolate bunnies, fake plastic grass and DIY crafts covered with Coronavirus.  The company even put together this comprehensive guide on how and what to make between your dry coughs.


Airome Ultrasonic Essentail [sic] Oil Llama Diffuser

Here's an alternative fact for you – Did you know essential oils can cure the Coronavirus on contact? Yep, that's true. Those totally legitimate cure-alls peddled by your friend from high school on social media will magically eliminate Coronavirus from your body (and doctors won't talk about because they're afraid of big pharma and Monsanto). Also, if you're dumb enough to believe that, you should rush to Hobby Lobby to get this Oil Llama Diffuser. The high altitude genetics of the Llama make the oils twice as strong.



Houston Astros Facemask Fabric

This is a great fabric to use if you're at home making face masks for healthcare professionals. It's strong, durable, and can be worn by doctors who are hoarding potential life saving medicines at home.



Live, Laugh, Love Leaf Sign

In these trying times, sometimes we need to risk our lives, and those of other people, for a gentle reminder to live, laugh and love.



Spring Tableware

Even though most states are banning gatherings of over 10 people, you can still get all your spring party essentials at Hobby Lobby. The deals are so good they're worth totally getting and passing around Coronavirus.


Gummy Sharks

If grocery stores and gas stations can remain open during a pandemic, why not Hobby Lobby? They have tons of nutritious candies and snacks to boost that immune system, and soothe that sharkie sweet tooth.


Chicken Wire Cross Decor With Twigs

You better hurry and get it while it's on sale. You'll need something to pray to as you deal with the chills following a fever.

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