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25 best Joe Exotic Tiger King memes

Tigermania is here and in full effect. Longtime TLO readers have been in on this long before the rest of the nation, and we all have great pictures of our Joe Exotic Halloween costumes from two years ago:


Now, the entire nation is in love with Oklahoma's own Tiger King and they've got a lot of thoughts about That Bitch Carole Baskin. With nothing else left in our collective hands but tweeting about Corona, the memes have been flying in hot and steady. I even got the first ever meme sent to me by my mom, and then a recommendation for The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, which proves that we now live in a simulation and the world will never be the same.

We've been hunting down some of the best Tiger King memes, all of them in the greatest resolution known to man, but first I'd like to send you to a pop punk cover of  'I Saw A Tiger' that my friend Joshua Montgomery recorded. It'll be good listening while you blast through the rest of this.

Joe Exotic Memes

We've got this list split into categories of memes, so of course we gotta lead of with ones that feature the star of the show, the Tiger King himself. Probably the biggest takeaway for me personally was that Joe wasn't even the weirdest character in the series, but America is now entranced with him, and I'm conviced if he wasn't a felon, he'd have that shot at the presidency this year that he always dreamed of.


Carole Baskin Memes

It's debatable who the real 'villain' of the series is, because like 90% of the people involved seem like they all have tiger skeletons in their closet, but it seems like Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue is the internets favorite target, and the overwhelming feature in the memes circulating:



Oklahoma Memes

Thank the big Cat Lord in the sky, our OK memers came together and were able to provide some locals-only deep cuts:


Pop Culture Memes

This is basically the dumping ground for memes that have no real category other than just being really funny and having connections to other popular culture:


Extreme Niche Memes

The ones that have made me laugh the most are the ones that only like three other people reading this would understand. I'm gonna post them anyways, and if you get them all, welcome to our own awful secret club:

(Fun fact - there's actually 26 memes in this post

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