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The Oklahoma City taco truck thieves must be stopped!

11:29 AM EST on December 11, 2019

The food truck phenomenon came and went in Oklahoma. It was fun while it lasted, until it became something less than novel and anyone who knew how to make a turkey sandwich and had $30k to buy and outfit a used van came in and flooded the scene. In those humble days of the early 2010's, it was so exciting to eat Gruyere grilled cheese sandwiches made out of waffles that came from a truck with a rattling, noxious gas generator in the back.

Now we've got food halls and too many restaurants to keep up with. However, the city is still stuffed with plucky taco trucks, who were here before the hipster movement came in, and will outlast everyone else. Maybe there is a bad one out there, but I've eaten at more than a dozen and haven't found one. Even though the menus look the same and don't involve arugula or quinoa, each taco truck is special and unique and worth protecting.

Hence why these villains must be apprehended. From KOCO:

Police are searching for two men after authorities said they stole an SUV and used it as a getaway vehicle after attempted robberies in the metro.

According to police, the men went to two food trucks and tried to rob them. During one of the attempted robberies, the pair approached a woman working and tried to take her money bag.

"Two guys came up, masks like over their mouths," said Jetzabel Espinoza, owner of Burritos El Tin-Tan.

Espinoza said that's how one of her employees was robbed.

"They came in and, like, 'Oh, give me your money,'" she said.

The men had a knife and acted as if they had a gun.

I don't believe in being a snitch or calling the cops like 90% of the time, but this is the one where our community needs to work together and find these rat bastards. Imagine toiling away, sweaty, in a hot truck where you're serving out al pastor or tortas to working people on their lunch breaks, and some motherfuckers come and rob you from a stolen car.

I don't wanna see anyone get robbed, but especially not the hardworking owners of taco trucks. They serve a common good by giving humanity some of the best food on the planet at the cheapest price imaginable. Go rob Amazon or some billionaires, not immigrants or the children of immigrants who are trying to make an honest living in this country.

This is all to say: don't be a snitch, but snitch on these people if you see them.

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