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5% of Oklahoma City residents vote “Yes” for Maps 4EVER

Just as I forecasted, a shockingly low number of Oklahoma City residents went to the polls on Tuesday and voted overwhelmingly in support of the $900-million+ MAPS 4EVER.

Here are the final results from the Oklahoma County Election Board:

Wow. 71% of the vote going "Yes" is a dominant margin and probably explains why David Holt, Steve Lackmeyer and the entire Funk family were spotted skinny dipping in the Bricktown Canal last night with out of state social media influencers, but 40,335 44,439 voters is an embarrassingly low voter turnout. That means only 7% or so of Oklahoma City residents voted in the election. I guess David Holt's work to increase voter turnout when he served in the State Senate never panned out.

Non Doc – which I think may now be owned by the OKC Chamber of Commerce – completely ignored the low voter turnout angle and triumphantly declared the election a "landslide."

Landslide: MAPS 4 passes ‘to continue the progress’ of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City’s latest installment of a penny sales tax for strategic investment passed with flying colors this evening. The city’s MAPS 4 package received 71.7 percent of the vote, making it the most popular of all MAPS votes.

I know I'm not an esteemed journalist, but is it really fair to label MAPS 4EVER "the most popular MAPS ever," when it received fewer Yes votes than the original MAPS in 1994 (33,367), MAPS for Kids in 2001 (36,866) and MAPS 3 (40,956) in 2009? The answer is "No."

Here's what Mayor McSelfie had to say about it:

“Tonight we have the largest percentage of support in the history of Oklahoma City,” Mayor David Holt told an assembled crowd in south Oklahoma City. “This is not just a victory. This is a mandate without historic precedent in our city. We have never been more united as one OKC.”

David Holt was the main cheerleader for the MAPS campaign, so I can see why he's beating his chest like a dorky Tarzan, but at least be honest with us. Just because there was a general feeling of apathy for MAPS 4EVER and no legitimate, organized opposition doesn't mean this city has "never been more united." I would have described it as, "We have never cared less as one OKC."

The 12,000 or so cheap asses who voted against MAPS were naturally down and blue. That includes our old racist pal Crazy Carol Hefner. She took a break from from posting memes on 4chan to share this Facebook post:


Yikes, it looks like the boxeth wine did runneth over last night at the Hefner household! Punctuation is the first thing to go when you drink and are bitter. I bet by midnight she was drunk and asleep on the cabriole sofa holding an empty bottle of Galimoro sauce.

Anyway, that concludes this MAPS recap. If you voted "Yes," we offer our congrats. If you voted "No," we offer our sympathies. If you didn't vote, way to fit in.


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