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OKC’s Mercenary Chef – Chris McCabe

8:45 AM EST on December 4, 2019

Welcome back to Free Queso, the podcast where we give you the inside scoop on the Oklahoma City food, beverage, and hospitality scene!

Today's episode is a dive into being a "mercenary chef." Don't call Chris McCabe a chef to his face, because he wears many more hats than that. Chris moved to Oklahoma City from New York City, and he's been one of the most integral members of our culinary scene ever since. If you've eaten at a Good Egg restaurant, you've tasted his influence.

Chris is more than a chef, and has moved around, helping new and old restaurants tighten up their work. He is a consultant for Oklahoma City restaurants, and has the know-how and point-of-view to improve all the joints that he goes to.

Chris is the guy that got me interested in writing about food in the first place. We talk about it on the podcast, but we worked at a restaurant together and he'd come up to me while I was shucking oysters and regale me with stories of working as a cook in NYC, and we'd shoot the shit.

On this episode of Free Queso, Judie and I talk with Chris McCabe about:

    • Our favorite buffets
    • Seeing Al Sharpton chowing down on Chinese short-ribs
    • Working in kitchens with electric stoves
    • The role of food halls in OKC
    • Our mutual friend Mason who pops up during the recording session
    • Eating tasty snacks from Super Cao Nguyen

You can find Free Queso on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify. We're on Instagram and Twitter as @freequesopod, send us any questions about the local food/beverage industry!

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