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Oklahoma now “Hollywood East” after more Matt Damon & Jesse Eisenberg encounters

Oklahoma has some, let’s just say, bummer state nicknames. “Oklahoma, you’re OK.” Way to sell yourself short right off the jump. “The Sooner State,” as in could we get a better nickname sooner? But I guess “Cracker Barrel Country” didn’t have the right ring either.

Regardless of Oklahoma’s less-than-enthusiastic approach to nicknames, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has a new, yet naively optimistic, option – Hollywood East!

Leave it to Oklahoma to lose their everloving shit at the sight of a celebrity. I wish this state could be cool for five minutes without being the nation’s Cousin Eddie. But hey, it’s not every day that you get to have two celebrities in the neighborhood! Most of the time we’re in the news for a celebrity, it has something to do with a homicidal tiger zoo owner or something stupid one of our congresspeople said on camera.

Naturally, our favorite OKC mayor and way-too enthusiastic Dad at the soccer match, David Holt, got in on the action:

Jesse Eisenberg seems like a great guy. For him to keep his cool next to OKC’s flyest white guy is obviously more challenging than playing Lex Luthor. I wonder how many times Mayor Holt told him about the mic drop?

"You see, Kings of Leon were in town – who I'm totally cool with by the way – and before they took the stage, I led the crowd in a... hey... hey, Jesse... where are you going?"

In addition to meeting the mayor, Matt and Jesse ran into some authentic'ish Oklahoma celebrities:

Enjoy your stay here in Hollywood East. Tell all your fancy friends about us when you get back to real Hollywood!


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