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Derplahoman Lawmaker to challenge Markwayne Mullin for Congress…

11:47 AM EDT on October 11, 2019

It looks like the Republican primary for Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District may turn into a good old fashioned Derp'off!

Yesterday afternoon, radical right wing Oklahoma lawmaker Joseph Silk – the guy who owns one of the most perfectly polished and penile heads in Oklahoma political history – announced he's going to take on Marcuswayne Mullin in the 2020 upcoming election.

Here are details via The Tulsa World:

A state lawmaker put out with what he called the Oklahoma Legislature’s “very liberal” leadership said Thursday that he’s running for Congress instead of re-election.

State Sen. Joseph Silk, R-Broken Bow, said he will enter the 2020 Republican primary in the 2nd District against four-term incumbent Markwayne Mullin.

There are lots of different words a person can use to describe the leadership of the Oklahoma legislature – boring, conservative, deviant, theocratic, corporate, white, self-serving, bought – but "very liberal" is a new one. That would be like saying the shape of Silk's head is obtuse and uncircumcised.

The again, the opinions we hold on others’ political leanings are usually just a matter of perspective. In 2018, some conservatives in the Oklahoma legislature decided to compromise some elements of their extreme right wing political ideology in an effort to keep teachers off their backs for the next 20 years. For a guy like Silk, who would love to convert all public schools into vacation bible schools, that is probably "very liberal."

Here's more:

“One of the things conservatives want to see, here and nationwide, is for (members of Congress) to go up there and actually do something,” Silk, a Broken Bow property manager, said in a phone conversation.

Silk said Republican lawmakers “haven’t rattled the cage on these ideas. … From what I hear Markwayne Mullin falls into that category.”

In all fairness to Marcuswayne, if there's anyone in Washington rattling a cage on ideas, it's him. Granted, that's because he's a silver-spooned plumber turned MMA fighter, but it's a fair point.

Here's how Silk spun his decision to leave the legislature and pursue a seat in Washington:

“I have come to the conclusion my energy and efforts will be best … utilized elsewhere,” Silk said in the statement.

In the telephone conversation, Silk said that “the makeup of the state Senate is very moderate” and that while he expects “conservative, constitutional” Republicans to eventually win the upper hand, he would likely be term-limited by then.

That's cute. I think the real reason he decided to not seek re-election is because the conservative leadership in the Oklahoma legislature is looking to distance themselves from Derplahoman's like Silk, who embarrass our state with the their extreme views, but once again, it's all a matter of perspective.

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