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Scott Hines is leaving your corner…

4:48 PM EDT on September 26, 2019

It's a good day for shitty contractors who like to rip off the elderly!

Earlier this week, KFOR's Scott Hines – the reporter who handled the station's long running "In Your Corner" series for the last decade or so – announced he is leaving Oklahoma's news channel.

Scott made the announcement on Instagram, while apparently gazing into a mirror after finishing a color run 5K:

TLDR – Scott is quitting KFOR to either join a meditation commune or climb Mount Everest. Possibly both.

Regardless of why Scott is leaving, this news is bittersweet. First of all, it means we may never get to see Jordy again:

Second, Scott is and was a good dude. He was always one of my favorite co-workers back when I worked at KFOR. In fact, I think it was me and Lorne Fultonberg who gave him the nickname Scotty G!

Each week, during our Frugal Friday employe potlucks, Scott would always bring delicious homemade baked treats for everyone to enjoy. Just like Emily Sutton's cotton candy casserole and Abby Broyles' Coors Light long-necks, his mini-loaves of vegan pumpkin spice muffin bread was always a crowd favorite. From the moment he brought them in the front lobby – all comfortably tucked away in a checkered-towel inside a bread basket – their sweet, spicy and bready aroma would permeate through the entire complex, hitting you in the face like golden leaves blowing in an autumn wind.

Or something like that.

Anyway, we wish Scott all the best in his quest to consciously & deliberately shift into a new space, new energy while finding a new flight path. I'm sure area thieves, con men and out-of-state roofers do, too.


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