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Mike Morgan commissioned a painting of Marla as a mermaid with Spock ears

It looks like I'll have an interesting topic to discuss with Mike and Marla Morgan, and Steve Lackmeyer, whenever I get around to meeting them for drinks at Junior's.

On Saturday afternoon, Mike tweeted a pic of a painting he commissioned that portrays Marla as a mermaid with Spock ears. Check it out:

Wow. That's amazing. I think all local news personalities should commission artworks of their significant others and crushes portrayed as mythological creatures. For example, Emily Sutton could commission a painting of Michael as a fire fighting centaur, or Aaron Brackett can get a portrait of Jessica Bruno as a devilish harpy. I heard Sir Jon Michael has already sent Joleen Chaney a sculpture of him as Zeus eating a watermelon.

Mike and Marla are apparently going to hang the painting above the entrance to the stormchaser-themed Tunnel of Love they're constructing at their Edmond compound. I guess you enter the tunnel along a river cave on the edge of their property, and while seated in a cozy and romantic raft for two, float by scenes that depict nubile elves, fairies and furries riding toy trains while experiencing various types of severe weather. The ride eventually ends in Mike and Marla's large expansive basement that they're now calling the KFOR 4-Play Love Lounge. Well, at least that's what Steve Lackmeyer told me.


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