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Meg Alexander co-hosted a weird syndicated news show with Mitch English…

The saga of Meg Alexander and Mitch English has taken another weird turn.

A few weeks after he was unceremoniously escorted out of the KOKH Fox 25 offices, Mitch English turned up in Florida as a host for a suspicious syndicated news program called "The Daily Flash." Inspired by the old Daily Buzz – the place where English got his big break in 2002 – it's a mix of news, infomercials and uninformed water cooler commentary that feels like it could be a front for a sophisticated money laundering operation.

Mitch's regular co-host for the show – Dee MacCloskey – apparently had some time off to hopefully interview for new jobs last week, so as a replacement, he flew Meg Alexander to Florida to co-host.

Check out this video of last Wednesday's episode. It's like an SNL sketch come to life.

That's awesome! Meg and Mitch haven't missed a beat...or a dosage of whatever substances keep them going in the morning. Seriously, I thought Meg would have been a bit rusty after her time away, but she was stumbling and mumbling through words like they were a Wipeout obstacle course. Some things never change!

Here's another video where she introduced a segment on Father's Day Gifts:

Maybe I'm a bit demented, but I'd love to hang out with Meg and Mitch at Flip's, drink some Rosé, and then recite our favorite tongue twisters. Hell, maybe Mike, Marla and Steve Lackmeyer can come along, too. It will be a hoot!

Anyway, Mitch's regular co-host was apparently back on the show this morning, so I guess Meg's time as a replacement is done. Either way, it was kind of neat to see her on a screen misreading a teleprompter again. Hopefully she shows up in a local car dealership or furniture commercial very soon.

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