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Kirk Humphreys quietly resigns from KFOR’s Flashpoint…


On Sunday morning, while you were hopefully sleeping, failed politician turned political pundit Kirk Humphreys quietly announced he is stepping away from KFOR's Flashpoint – the weekly lo-fi political round table talk show that he's co-pundited with Mike Turpen since 2008.

Here are the details KFOR:

A big announcement was made on Flash Point on Sunday.

Kirk Humphreys announced he would be leaving Flash Point.

“It’s the right time for me and my family to step away from Flash Point,” said Humphreys. “It’s been a great season here.”

Humphreys decision to step down comes not too long after he resigned from the OU Board of Regents after he shared dated, out-of-touch views on homosexuality – views that would have gone unquestioned if it were not for a well to do State Rep out of Norman:

Kirk Humphreys, co-host of KFOR’s weekly talk show "Flashpoint," said during a discussion about recent sexual assault allegations in the political sphere that “if (homosexuality) is OK, then it’s OK for everybody and quite frankly it’s OK for men to sleep with little boys if it’s OK.”

Oklahoma state representative Emily Virgin (D-Norman), a guest on the show, said she does not think homosexuality is wrong, to which Humphreys replied, “Well I do.”

In addition to that, one of Humphreys' main business interests – The Carlton Landing development at Lake Eufaula – has been floating up shit creek ever since it was caught dumping its sewage lagoons directly into Lake Eufaula. The DEQ has even opened criminal inquires. You can read all about it at The Frontier.

Humphreys' announcement has been sweet news to his critics, detractors, and parents of kids at John Rex. In addition to gays, he's also shared his backwards views on women and minority groups. Who could forget the sage wisdom he shared about men being leaders and women being followers?

With Humphreys out, you have to wonder who KFOR will tab to replace him. When you consider his past statements, along with the fact that Flashpoint still has two old white male conservative voices in Mike "DINOmite" Turpen and Kevin "Franken" Ogle, you'd think it would probably be a good time to bring some diversity to the set. Maybe a women or person of color or someone who's not a member of the Oklahoma Ruling Class.

Former Lt. Governor Todd Lamb will be taking Humphreys’ spot and says he’s excited about the opportunity.

“I’m just honored to participate and be a host on Flash Point,” said Lamb.

Humphreys told moderator Kevin Ogle and Mike Turpen he believes Lamb was a great pick for his seat on the show.

“He stands up for what he believes,” said Humphreys.

Really??? Todd Lamb?! That's hysterical. The guy couldn't beat Kevin Stitt in a debate, and now he gets a TV platform to espouse his "Conservative Position." Say what you want about Oklahoma, but we're great at rewarding failure.

Seriously, what a joke. Out of all the people they could hire, they went with Mary's Little Lamb? He's nothing but a mouthpiece for Harold Hamm's penis. Then again, Mike Turpen is nothing but a mouthpiece for Scott Pruitt’s penis, so maybe it will lead to some lively debate.

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