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Edmond is getting a district!!!

Gentrification is making its way to Oklahoma City's snootiest suburb!

Earlier this week, the Edmond City Council approved the creation of an entertainment district in an "industrial" area located outside the city's quaint little downtown.

Here are the details via News 9:

The Edmond City Council approved a new entertainment district near downtown Monday. The developer is the same one that's behind Oklahoma City's Film Row.

The “Rail Spur District,” as it will be called, will feature four restaurants, including a fine dining restaurant, and a brewery along with some outdoor entertainment space.

“You can get your food, sit outside, have your kids run around, that’s what they really wanted to create,” said Janet Yowell, the Edmond Economic Development Authority Executive Director.

The Rail Spur District? Sure, rail spurs sounds like a condition you'd succumb to on the Oregon Trail, but that's not a bad name. It's just industrial, artisanal and douchie enough to keep Edmonites from making the long trek to Chisholm Creek for a night out.

Here's more:

The City of Edmond will be investing as well, by building a parking lot, improving the alley with landscaping and lighting and building a sidewalk under the railroad bridge to connect to downtown.

“It’s really an industrial area of downtown that’s prime for redevelopment,” said Yowell.

And Yowell believes the new district will also spur more private development in the area.

“Just bringing in uses into downtown that are really going to bring people in and for the city side will create new sales tax,” said Yowell.

She predicts in the next couple years downtown Edmond will be completely different.

Seriously, it’s about time for Edmond to become a Big League Suburb and get its own hip and trendy district in the city's industrial core. They were all the rage 5 - 10 years ago. I’m sure it will develop into a destination point for Generation Z tastemakers:

"What do you want to do tonight?"

"Wanna Lyft over to Rail Spur District? I heard Soccer Mommies has good drink specials. We could also hit up Basic Bitches for some karaoke."

"That sounds good. Maybe should we grab a bite to eat first at Broseph's Brew House?"

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