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Old skater dad wants to show off to Oklahoma children

Are you looking for something to do which will bring you nostalgia with a tinge of absurd depression? Then come on down to the opening of the Stars & Stripes skate park in Oklahoma City this Sunday. Attendees will have the chance to meet an old pro skater turned B-grade video game star, Tony Hawk.


Tony Hawk is among several professional skateboarders who will be hosting the grand opening of a new skate park in Oklahoma City.

OKC Parks & Recreation and Birdhouse Skateboard Company are hosting Tony Hawk, Clint Walker and the entire Birdhouse Skateboard team for the opening of the new skate park at Stars & Stripes Park in Oklahoma City.

If this were the mid-90's, I'd be thrilled. Instead, I'm left wondering what other Mountain Dew drinkers turned this down before Tony Hawk said yes? Was Matt Hoffman too busy with his wildly meh career? What about this guy? Did Rob Dyrdek turn the gig down to host his MTV show best reviewed by MetaCritic, "Actually, the bigger danger is in watching the show in the first place: You might die of boredom. In other words, don't try this at home."

More importantly, how long will it take for a kid to ask, "wait, so the guy from the video game is a real person?"

Here's more:

The event, held Sunday, April 14, is free and begins at 1 p.m. with a demo skate from the Birdhouse Team and other special guests. It will end with a meet-and-greet with the Birdhouse team.

Those who participate  can hit the course with the pros and performs tricks for cash.

I feel the need to emphasize that Tony Hawk is 50 years old. If I told you that we were going to go watch a 50-year-old do skate tricks at a park, you'd justifiably tell me to go home. You wouldn't go rushing anywhere to watch a 50-year-old do the same tricks that made them famous 20 years ago.

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