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Teachers are your Ogle Madness XII Champions!!!

After three weeks of voting, thousands of votes cast, and a few controversies, the winner of Ogle Madness XII has been declared – Teachers!

Yep, that's right, those unsung heroes of the classroom actually won something in the state of Oklahoma. Considering they had the backing of their union, I guess we shouldn't be surprised:

Perhaps this victory will translate to the Oklahoma Legislature, and teachers can get some more funding for classrooms? Haha. Just kidding. We know lawmakers won't let that happen.

With all apologies to Steven Adams, we couldn't be happier with the teachers who haven't left the state yet for winning the Ogle Madness Crown. They have always been a loyal member of our viewing audience and account for many quality page views. Their journey through the bracket was as cool as getting to chose your own grade.

Teachers march through the bracket was perilous and came with many obstacles. They took down an idiot, food product, watermelon queen, severe weather babe and two Thunder hoopers:

Round One: Defeated (14) Markwayne Mullin 459-53

Second Round: Defeated (11) Ribeye Steak 429-226

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated (2) Joleen Chaney 344-296

Elite 8: Defeated (1) Russell Westbrook 488-319

Final Four: Defeated (2) Lacey Swope 682-504

Championship: Defeated (2) Steven Adams 490-413

Here are a few Ogle Madness notes:

• This is the first time an individual hasn't won Ogle Madness. If we really want to pander for votes, maybe it's time we include fireman, policemen and felons in the field.

• We received approximately 35,000 votes for Ogle Madness XII. That's kind of absurd when you think about it. We'd like to thank everyone for playing along and voting each day.

• We'd like to give a special shout out to Brandon for writing and handling this year's tournament. It's not nearly as fun and glamorous as it looks. We threw him in the TLO deep end and he survived... for now!

On that note, I guess we should wrap things up. Congrats to teachers on their hard-fought victory. Hopefully you get another pay raise soon!

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