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Marla Morgan is hard at work for Ogle Madness votes…

9:56 AM EDT on March 22, 2019

We're only one week in to Ogle Madness, and already some contestants are already soliciting votes on social media in an effort to advance through the bracket.

For example, earlier this week, House Minority leader Emily Virgin asked her Twitter followers to vote in her first round matchup against Jesse Jane:

The call for support must have worked, as Emily won by a 441 – 229 margin. Also, unlike the Sports Animal / Franchise matchup, which resulted in Carey Murdock challenging Eddie Radarsochavolich to see who can call the most five-star recruits in a 30 minute time frame, the Jane / Virgin matchup was a complete ironic coincidence. I wish it was intentional, but it wasn't. Good luck to Emily in her second round matchup against Darci Lynne Farmer.

Emily isn't the only local celeb wanting to cut down the Ogle Madness nets. Earlier this week, Marla Morgan – last year's champ – went horseback riding with 2-seed Joleen Chaney as part of a joint publicity campaign.

Check this out:

I haven't ridden a horse since junior high, but I'd be down to tag along on their next adventure. At the very least, they could pay me to follow them to the pond while I play the guitar and they sing like the lady's in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Following the horseback ride, Marla got super serious and shared these photos from the OKC Cock Ring from Mike's Twitter account:

I wish more contestants would take Ogle Madness as seriously as Marla Morgan does. It would be great for traffic. Also, she probably should have entered the $250 Patricia's OKC Cock Ring photo contest. I bet she would have won.

Anyway, Round 2 of Ogle Madness gets started next week. Here's the updated bracket. Don't forget to vote, or solicit for them, on social media:


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