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Jim Inhofe gives rousing speech to CPAC janitors…

11:31 AM EST on March 1, 2019

CPAC – the annual right-wing circle jerk where politicians, propagandists and pundits all meet up and try to out conservative each other – has been taking place this week at, of course, the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center in Maryland.

Naturally, our old pal Senator Senile decided to stop by and give a rousing speech to the janitors:

Yikes. Here's another photo:

We all know Senator Inhofe is old and senile, but that's kind of embarrassing. Telling a long-winded story to your tuned-out grandkids while they watch TV in the living room is one thing, but walking to a podium and giving a speech to no one would get any other person put in the Shady Gardens Retirement Center. Maybe it's about time Jim Inhofe's family has a little talk with grandpa.

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