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Christina Fallin had a Happy New Year

Before we get officially started with our 2019 coverage of this strange place we call home, we'd like to wish all of our loyal readers and haters a happy new year. That includes our dear friend Christina Fallin – a.k.a. Hipster Boo Boo. She celebrated the new year in style with her family in France:

That's neat. I'm sure there are worse places to spend New Year's Eve than France. I celebrated mine on Dublin time... at Sean Cummings on N. May Ave. By the time the clock struck midnight in OKC, I was a asleep on the couch with Bob Ross videos playing on my TV. Maybe I'll go to France next year.

Also, we should probably mention it looks like Christina Fallin is now a Khalil! I don't know what that means or if it's official, but good for her! I think every defiant preacher's daughter and unruly football coach's son would agree, she's done a great job rebelling from her parents! Well, at least half of her parents. Now that her mom is leaving the Governor's office in a few weeks, I guess this concludes Christina's TLO story arch. Let's hope she leaves behind a Chanel scarf as an inspirational memento for one of Stitt's daughters. We need to replace the web traffic she's always generated.

Anyway, we hope your holidays were great, and look forward to providing you with extremely serious and sarcastic wall-to-wall pseudo-news coverage of Oklahoma in 2019. If you have any news tips or pointers you'd like to share, or want to spend millions of dollars in advertising, send us an email. Happy New Year!

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