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The Great Winter Weather Fail of 2018

8:40 AM EST on December 10, 2018

Thank goodness we survived another epic winter storm!

As usual, all of the reports were accurate, and the trusty TV news meteorologists protected us against several inches of brutal snow, sleet, and ice. Hopefully, things will begin to thaw today, but the roads are still very hairy, so be safe out there. I haven't bothered to leave the house or even look out the window, since I trusted Mike Morgan so much.

In lieu of a traditional news recap, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at how everything played out:

Snowpacalypse Now

Oh that's so cute! Yeah, it kinda was something you said:

Of course, we spent the next few days getting really excited and anxious about what was going to happen, and going to the grocery store to prepare for the upcoming onslaught:

Okay, sorry about that last one, but it was just creepy enough that it warranted inclusion.

Anyways, even Mayor David Holt even took it pretty seriously:

So of course, since nothing actually happened, Twitter went nuts with the milk & bread memes:

All that said, the roads did get a little wet Saturday morning:

Thankfully, Lesley is okay. She's probably the least corny Thunder reporter, and we need that balance in the world.

On the topic of sports, here's Steven's Sports Beat for the weekend:

As if Sooner fans could not be more insufferable, here's another round in the chamber. A former colleague of mine shared a story after he recently moved to Dallas.  He went to to play golf and was paired up with a random guy because it was the middle of the week. After a little small talk, the guys says, "You moved from Oklahoma? I'm from Dallas, but went to school at OU." My friend said, "My buddy is the golf coach at the high school I worked at and he went to OU." Without missing a beat the guy asks, "Is he a dick?" My friend couldn't help himself and obliged.

Humble is not something most professional athletes are good at when it comes to discussing their athletic ability. It took a big man to admit PG was terrible at every sport but basketball. It is also sad we will never see Kyler take the field again when it comes to football, but who knows. While he's no Bo, #1 is certainly just as talented as Dion Sanders, who was the last two sport star.

Since a major city is not covered in snow, Sunday made for a slow news day. Apparently everyone in the press made it a point to scrounge up Tweets from famous and newly famous people. All I can say is thank gawd social media wasn't a thing when I was in high school. Can't people go out and pick on offensive Christmas music like last week?

Two former coaches from Oklahoma's flagship schools getting together is pretty cool. Once foes across the court from each other, there is no telling what the conversation was all about. Calling them disgraced is a bit dramatic. Eddie liked the pills and bottle, but so do 98% of the people I know. Kelvin sent more text messages than a 12 year old girl, big deal. Their prospective former employers have moved on, so should the fans. (-Steven)

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